Highest Quality, lowest price, convenience and stellar customer service – that’s our motto.


Uncle Rayski’s is a family owned company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 1996, Uncle Rayski’s has been providing the highest quality carwashes at the lowest prices for over 20 years! All of our current locations have Arco gas, AMPM convenience stores and slots on site. We build neighborhood locations that serve the community with exceptional customer service, cleanliness and safety. We are growing our operations and hope to be opening our doors in your neighborhood soon!

The character, Uncle Rayski, is the personification of the company’s founder – Raymond J Shapiro. He loves: classic cars, especially Cadillacs and his 1959 Corvette, riding motorcycles, Kangol hats and dark sunglasses. He is emphatic about delivering the highest quality, best price and overall convenience to his customers.